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How to start and what is binary options

What is Binary Options? Hey there, today we will talk about "What is binary options?" and "How it works?"
So, what is this binary options? Binary Options is one of the variant of Forex. Forex is a trading system. Forex market similar to stock market. As in Stock market we doing same thing in forex.
We buy shares of some company at the present. And we expect some price up in the future of shares. When shares price rise up, we sell shares and make some profit. That is simple...Ah...
In the stock market we are buy company's shares. But in the forex market we buy Currencies. ( Currencies of different countries, USD/JPY/GBP/CHF/AUD/etc ).
Differences between Forex market and Stock Market.
Stock Trading 
Trade on the shares of company.If the price of the shares is Increased, we get the profit.Forex Trading
Trade on the currency pair..If the price of currencies increased or decreased, we get the profit. Now you can understand about forex market. The same thing happens in…