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Learn about Machine Learning -

Learn about Machine Learning

Today we’ll learn about machine learning. How does this machine as we learn? So in this article we talk about machine learning. Maybe sometime you know about machine learning or maybe not. If you don’t  know about this, this article for you.
Learn about Machine Learning

Mainly and simply this machine learn as human. Human brain made up with Neural Network. So this neural network gets data from our sensory organs and learns through them. Human brain also can make decisions with these data. In fact, the human brain is considered the most complex machine currently in the world. Also AI has this ability for doing machine learning, just like the brain. AI has big Neural Network, and it can learn faster than brain.

Learn about Machine Learning2
 So how can we explain this "machine learning"? We already have a web tool for this. You can visit this site through this link. Teachable Machine: For this experiment we need desktop or laptop computer, and web camera. Also you can use your mobile for this, but this application does not support for more mobile phones.I recommend for that, you’ll use desktop or laptop computer. So this site features an audio lesson, That gives to you an idea how you can use it.

Teachable Machine

Learn about Machine Learning2

This is User Interface of Teachable Machine. In this Teachable Machine has 3 sections.

1. Input Section
2. Learning Section
3. Output Section
The input section view your webcam feed. Also in the learning section we can see three classes. These classes color as we can see, first one is green, second is purple and third is orange.Thirdly, we can see the output section. All these outputs are connected to the second learning section. You can change this output as a GIF, sound and speech.You want teach a machine to using your camera, live in the browser. You train a neural network locally on your device.Here you have to do very simple thing. You can choose three things for this experiment. Then take one thing and show it to the camera. And press the button in the class. You’re done. Then this machine will collect many of your item's samples.
Learn about Machine Learning3

You can improve this machine learning. You have to do show your item to the webcam in different angles and in different light conditions. And machine can do better learning. Now you can hand over the item to the machine for identify. Now, just do the following thing to show to the webcam. Then the machine displays Gif, Sound, Speech you early connect each of the examples.This machine is very simple. But now you can see our brain works like this. Today, we can see machines that are more complex. Some machines now have the capability to use high-complicated data and to learn at a high level.For a simple example, these machines have been able to play the most advanced game of the world call “Go Game”, and beat the best Go Game player in the world.

Learn about Machine Learning4

Today we learn about machine learning. Thanks for reading guys...


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