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Apple will soon let you turn off its iPhone-slowing software

The tweak will arrive in an upcoming iOS update as early as this spring.

Apple has been slowing down your older iPhone, but you'll soon be able to do something about it.

Following an uproar from customers, Apple said Wednesday it's adding a feature to an upcoming iOS update that will let them turn off software that slows down older iPhones. Apple in December revealed that it released software about a year earlier that makes older iPhones run more slowly to prevent problems with aging lithium ion batteries, such as unexpected shutdowns. As part of the upcoming iOS 11.3, iPhone users will get a recommendation if a battery needs to be serviced. Plus, they will be able to see whether the power management feature that slows a phone's performance is on and can then choose to turn it off, the company said. CEO Tim Cook last week mentioned that the new features were in the works, telling ABC News that an iPhone update will let people disable the software that slows down its phones. …

M1 snags 20K additional mobile subs ahead of TPG network launch

While losing 25,000 prepaid mobile customers across 2017, M1 gained 45,000 post-paid customers, although it is expecting competition to grow once fourth provider TPG enters the market at the end of this year.

Singaporean telecommunications company M1 has reported its full-year financial results for 2017, announcing that it had gained 20,000 mobile subscribers by the end of December. The gains came from 45,000 additions to its post-paid customer base to a total of 1.247 million customers, partially offset by 25,000 customers lost from its prepaid base down to 747,000. M1 brought in SG$642.5 million operating revenue in mobile telco services during the quarter, up slightly from SG$640 million a year earlier, despite average revenue per user (ARPU) falling across both post-paid and prepaid, from SG$50.30 to SG$48.70 net per month and SG$12.20 to SG$10.70 per month, respectively. M1 held a 25.1 percent market share in post-paid as of December 31, and 22.3 percent prepaid market share; how…

UBS chairman warns against bitcoin investment as cryptocurrency falls 12%

Axel Weber says cryptocurrency ‘not an investment we would advise’ while South Korea bans anonymous trading

Bitcoin has fallen 12% over 24 hours while the chairman of UBS warned against investing in it and South Korea continued to crack down on cryptocurrencies by banning anonymous trading.

Talking at the Davos world economic forum, UBS Chairman Axel Weber, said that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were speculative, risky and “not an investment we would advise”. “Retail clients, who don’t fully understand these products, should be protected from going into these products, because if there is a retail client affected in the future, the question will be again who was the bank that sold them these products and then banks will be blamed again for what has happened,” Weber told CNBC. UBS’s comments echo those recently made by billionaire investor Warren Buffett, who said he would never invest in cryptocurrency despite bitcoin’s nearly 2,000% rise in 2017. Consultancy Ernst & Young a…

Is Bitcoin Crashing?...And Other Small Business Tech News This Week

Here are five things in technology that happened this past week and how they affect your business. Did you miss them?

1 — Bitcoin jolted by regulation worries, tumbles 11% on extended sell-off

Bitcoin dove beneath $10,000 this week, half what it was worth at its pinnacle, since financial specialists are anxious controllers may clasp down on the unstable digital money. The cost of bitcoin, the world's greatest and best-referred to digital currency, tumbled to as low as $9,500 on the Luxembourg-based Bitstamp trade, the most minimal since December 1.(Source: Fox Business)

Why this is important for your business:

As I write this – and for all I know – Bitcoin may have doubled in value.  But that’s the point. Digital currencies are absolutely the future and if you’re running a small business you need to pay close attention as to when you’ll start accepting these in some form.  But, given the extreme volatility of these assets that time is still far in the future.

2 — Business tech shows of…

Samsung found a way to kill the iPhone X notch, but Apple already has a better solution

When it comes to sweeping redesigns, compromises are inevitable. It’s impossible to push a product forward without taking a few risks, some of which will pay off, and some of which won’t. For the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, Apple opted to mix things up with a brand new Face ID system, the death of the home button and an all-screen design.

While the display of the iPhone X does stretch to meet all sides of the phone, the infamous notch (which contains all of the sensors and cameras necessary for Face ID to work) keeps the flagship device from being truly bezel-less. In all likelihood, the notch is here to stay for at least a generation or two, but a newly published patent from Samsung appears to detail an alternative design that could eliminate the need for the notch.

Revealed by LetsGoDigital this week, the patent depicts an adaptable OLED show with openings in it for the cameras, sensors, speakers and other key segments. This would take into consideration a genuinely all-screen …

Data-stealing spyware 'traced to Lebanon'

A security bug that has infected thousands of smartphones has been uncovered by campaign group the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

Working with versatile security firm Lookout, scientists found that malware in counterfeit informing intended to look like WhatsApp and Signal had stolen gigabytes of information. 

Targets included military faculty, activists, writers and legal advisors. 

Specialists say they followed the malware to a Lebanese government building. 

The risk, named Dark Caracal by the scientists, looks as though it could originate from a country state and seems to utilize shared foundation connected to other country state programmers, the report said.

The malware exploits known endeavors and targets basically Android telephones. 

Information was followed back to a server in a building having a place with the Lebanese General Security Directorate in Beirut, as per specialists. 

"In view of the accessible proof, it is likely that the GDGS is related with or specifically s…

Education quiz app Kahoot says it’s now used by 50% of all US K-12 students, 70M users overall

With HQ Trivia proceeding with its viral and prominent run, and training remaining a perpetually solid classification in application stores, it wouldn't have been long until somebody went along that consolidated components of both to hitmaking impact. Kahoot, an application based out of Oslo, Norway that expects to show its clients over a wide assortment of subjects and thoughts by method for tests that they take in rivalry with others either all alone or in live classroom situations, could be the one.

The startup today is declaring some weighty turning points. With 51 million Kahoot diversions now based on its stage (yes, 51 million) by its clients and by Kahoot itself, the startup says that its application and site are presently being utilized by 70 million month to month exceptional clients, a mix of organizations that utilization Kahoot's application for preparing purposes, and understudies and instructors who utilize it for more conventional learning.

That number, up 75 …

The Coolest New Laptop at CES Is Actually a Phone

Razer's 'Project Linda' imagines a one-device future.

You have a supercomputer in your pocket, yet risks are regardless you bear an alternate, isolate one in your satchel or rucksack. As telephones get each more capable, there's extremely no purpose behind it to be like this. Razer's Project Linda, reported today at CES 2018, is an enticing look into a world where the two at last unite, despite the fact that you won't not witness it at any point in the near future.

Task Linda is, in some way or another, only a telephone case. A telephone case that is formed like a workstation, wears a 13.3-inch quad-HD show, 53.6Wh battery, 200 GB of capacity limit, a console, and a modest bunch of ports. At the point when matched with a Razer Phone that goes about as its mind and touchpad, Linda can thunder to life as a workstation that looks almost indistinguishable to Razer's 'Sharp edge' line of gaming clamshells.
Sponsored *** This idea of transforming a telepho…

Top-Tier Virtual Reality Is Finally Losing the Wires

HTC's new Vive Pro and wireless adapter are bringing VR out of the wired ages.

Front line virtual reality can be a marginal otherworldly ordeal. When you fly on the headset and get yourself a couple of handheld controllers, and it resembles you've been transported to another planet. However, one of the greatest drawbacks (other than the cost, and confused setup) has been simply the irritation of tying to a PC with a wire. Uplifting news: The end is in locate.

Today at CES, HTC declared another variant of its virtual reality headset, the Vive Pro, with a higher determination screen and the capacity to work in a bigger 10-foot-by-10-foot play space, yet the all the more energizing bit of unit is likely HTC's new Wireless Adapter. A little reception apparatus that can append to the new Vive Pro or the first Vive, the Wireless Adapter utilizes Intel's WiGig (for Wireless Gigabit) association with set up an association as quick as 8 Gigabits utilizing a 60GHz band. That inc…

Two large Apple shareholders say it needs to research the impact of smartphones on kids

Two of Apple's institutional investors, support investments Jana Partners and California State Teachers' Retirement System (CalSTRS), are approaching the organization to contemplate the effect of cell phone use on kid improvement. In an open letter, the two financial specialists said that in the wake of evaluating research, they trust that Apple needs to give guardians more assets and programming instruments to ensure their children are utilizing their gadgets "in an ideal way."

Together, Jana and CalSTRS hold a sum of about $2 billion in Apple shares, which speaks to a minor portion of its current $898 billion market top. The letter is critical, in any case, on the grounds that the two speculators are persuasive extremist investors. Jana Partners overseeing executive Barry Rosenstein drove Whole Foods to put itself available to be purchased before the staple chain's securing by Amazon a year ago, while CalSTRS, which oversees retirement benefits for open teache…

Trump taunts North Korea: My nuclear button is 'much bigger,' 'more powerful'

President Donald Trump on Tuesday insulted North Korean pioneer Kim Jong Un, cautioning Kim about US atomic abilities as strains decline between the two countries.

"North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un recently expressed that the 'Atomic Button is around his work area consistently.' Will somebody from his drained and sustenance starved administration please advise him that I too have a Nuclear Button, however it is a significantly greater and more capable one than his, and my Button works!" Trump tweeted.
North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un just stated that the “Nuclear Button is on his desk at all times.” Will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 3, 2018  The night message took after more than twelve others Trump had sent for the duration of the day on issues going from The New York Tim…