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The 2020 Olympics Will Be Another Glimpse Into Our Surveillance-Filled Future

Facial recognition tech will be everywhere at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.
On the off chance that you go to the Summer Olympics in Japan in 2020, you may be perceived by something beyond your companions. As indicated by The Japan Times, the coordinators of the 2020 Olympics intend to utilize facial acknowledgment programming to track countless competitors, columnists, and authorities amid the diversions, however a source told the paper that this tech won't be utilized on onlookers. As indicated by The Japan Times, numerous participants, including competitors, media agents, and Olympic authorities and staff, will be issued personal IDs, and extraordinary cameras will check their appearances at doors to specific offices. Facial acknowledgment innovation by NEC will be utilized to contrast a man's face and their photograph. The Japan Times says that this innovation won't be utilized to recognize onlookers, however this move by the Olympic coordinators shows the sort of safety efforts that are probably going to wind up plainly routine in only a couple of years—if not sooner. On the off chance that facial acknowledgment can secure the Olympics, to what extent before it's utilized to secure anything from airplane terminals to accommodation stores? In some way or another, this is as of now happening. NEC, the organization giving the facial acknowledgment innovation to the Olympics, has additionally been shrunk by the Department of Homeland Security to perform confront filters amid worldwide flights and is working with the Chicago Police Department to chase for offenders. NEC likewise utilized comparative tech at the 2016 Rio Olympics, examining the characteristics of explorers and contrasting them with known offenders. At present, facial acknowledgment tech is constrained to a modest bunch of specialty applications, however after its utilized as a part of the Olympics it will probably turn out to be substantially more broad. After the 2020 Olympics, we're probably going to see much more facial acknowledgment innovation in our regular day to day existences.

By Kevin Jason.


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